Bird song learning

canary song

swamp sparrow song development

house finches learn canary trills

bird song & human speech

female and male house finch song

ecology of vocal mimicry in Northern mockingbird


Cultural evolution

  1. disciplinary assessment: bibliometrics, current paper w Jonathan, Christian thesis

2. bird song (house finch papers, FC, )

3. humans

Mason stuff on music

Mason stuff on radicalization? or see this under human beh

Moral taboos in African peoples

Linguistics (Dan mann)

4.theory (Elliot genealogy)


Natural history and urban ecology

Bronx River


Ethiopian flora

birds (Mauritian bird thing; see house finch cultural evolution)


Relaxed selection and trait loss in evolution

(see also weaver stuff and mongoose stuff)


Bird coloniality, nests, eggs, and breeding

  1. Bird egg color
  2. Bird nest predation
  3. Weaver nesting associations, coloniality etc.
  4. Weaver responses to brood parasitism (see also bird eggs or vice versa for Auk)
  5. Pied crow feeding water to nestlings.


Methods in animal behavior

  1. Mason RFID
  2. umwelt gamble
  3. behavioral synchrony
  4. see nest predation generaliz
  5. see bird song stuff (Ju esp)


Natural selection and adaptive trait evolution

relsel, mongoose, see weaver stuff (or vice versa)


Human behavior and psychology

1. evolution and human behavior (my philosophy stuff)

2.linguistics (dan mann; also see bird song and human speech under song)

3. Gambian ethnobotany

4. Mason stuff that isn’t cult evol

5. see cult evol in humans




A genealogical approach to cultural evolutionary theory

Cultural evolution in the song of the house finch (Haemorhous mexicanus)

Advancing bioacoustic analysis for the study of temporal change and spatial variation

Colonial breeding, egg color, responses to brood parasitism, and trait evolution in Ploceus weaverbirds

Measuring behavioral synchrony

Development, function, and gene-culture coevolution of song in the swamp sparrow (Melospiza georgiana)

The ecology of vocal mimicry in the Northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

The interaction between inheritance and learning in the development of canary (Serinus canaria) song

Sexual selection and evolution following species introduction in the small Indian mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus)

Egg color in birds

A survey of ratite egg color

The effect of light on the color of birds’ eggs


Ethiopian flora database

The ethnobotany of Janjangbureh Island, The Gambia


Relaxed selection and trait loss in evolution

Organization and preservation of the work of Paul C. Mundinger

The thought of Richard D. Alexander

Evolutionary explanation of human culture and the interaction between moral philosophy & evolutionary biology

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